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Our History

When I first started Vaping in 2012 there really were no vapor stores or places I could go to try new flavors or pick out new devices and hardware. If I had a problem or a question there Just was no one for me to call, I had to scan and search the internet for hours on end just to find the answer to a simple question. The constant thought running through my mind was "there just has to be an easier way" . After about a year of frustration yet refusing to give up on vapor I drove past a sign that read "Grand Opening Vapor Lounge Coming Soon!" Wow I was so excited finally! So I wandered in there the moment they opened their doors to the public and knew instantly that seeing this lounge open and these people who needed them was exactly what I wanted to do. So I drove home all excited told my husband exactly what I wanted to do and he supported my decision to open a vapor lounge 100% despite the fact that everyone else thought I was crazy. We opened our doors in April 2014, and already had to relocate to a bigger venue! So here we are in our new beautiful location and we get the opportunity to help at least a thousand vapers each month who are seeking out the best experience in flavors and hardware and a better quality of life.

About Us

From the moment we realize we have a smoking habit we all walk around saying I need to quit one day. Then we try to quit multiple times in the course of a few years and always succeed for a few days even weeks before we give in and return back to those nasty cigarettes. We beat ourselves up over it countless times and yet we still cant manage to stay away. Imagine being able to smoke without all the toxins and chemicals, Imagine being able to puff away for hours on end and never smell like a cigarette. With vapor you can enjoy a good inhale without forfeiting the things you crave the most about smoking. Vaping is a clean and much safer alternative. You get to pick a nicotine level that suits your needs and even better you have hundreds and thousands of flavors to choose from. You no longer have to give up what you love about smoking, you simply need to alter what your using by choosing Vapor products as your cleaner, safer alternative to cigarettes! Enjoy.